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Box Update (PF02 to PF03)

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Product for users that have POLAR FIS+ [PF02] installed and desire to upgrade his product to POLAR FIS+ ADVANCED [PF03]

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Polar FIS+ Advanced, What is it ?
Advanced Polar FIS is the evolution of FIS + unit. It adds new parameters in addition to new features.
Polar FIS + enabled viewing vehicle parameters in the FIS screen, but Polar FIS Advanced, as well as incorporating more parameters, includes new features like the ability to modify the number of flashes of intermittent comfort indicators, function automatic lowering of the mirror on the passenger side when engaging reverse and some functions which are can only be activated with Diagnostic cable such as VCDS.
Which vehicles are compatible with Polar FIS+ Advanced
Same as Polar FIS +, are listed below:
- Volkswagen Golf V (1K)
- Volkswagen Jetta (1K)
- Volkswagen Caddy (2K)
- Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)
- Volkswagen Touran (1T)
- Volkswagen EOS (1F)
- Volkswagen Passat (3C)
- Volkswagen Scirocco (1K)
- Skoda Octavia (1Z)
What parameters can be displayed with Polar FIS+ Advanced ?
- Oil temperature (° C / ° F)
- Coolant temperature (° C / ° F)
- Outdoor temperature (° C / ° F)
- Fuel remaining (Litres / Gallons)
- Rpm motor
- Pressure turbo.
- Voltage of the battery.
- Atmospheric pressure
- Pressure fuel pump
- Motor load.
- Ambient Temperature (engine ECU)
- Coolant temperature engine output.
- Coolant temperature leaving the radiator.
- Mass air flow.
- Sensor 1 throttle pedal.
- Sensor 2 throttle pedal.
- Sensor 1 throttle valve.
- Sensor 2 throttle valve.
- Horse Power used cv.
- Oil level.
- Minimum oil.
- Brake master cylinder pressure.
- Pressure in the fuel rail.
- Torque used NM.
: Not all parameters are supported in all engine ECU, to know that data can be displayed, see the list of supported ECU:
What is the role of intermittent comfort ?
The role of intermittent comfort, allows you to select the number of intermittent flashes that the comfort indicator makes. Standard, with one touch gives 3 flashes intermittently with Polar FIS Advanced, select up to 10 flashes.
You can also cancel additional flashes by pressing the indicator comfort again, for example, if you have set the indicator at 10 flashes on comfort, it will flash with a short press on the control 10 flashes, unless pressed again to cancel.
What is the function of mirrors down ?
Advanced Polar FIS can be configured to engage on selection of the reverse gear for the passenger mirror to dip down automatically to a preset position. There are 2 modes: Manual and Automatic.
In manual the mirror will lower only if  the passenger position “L” is selected.
In automatic, the mirror will be lowered only when the car is parked with the indicator directed towards the space.
NOTE: Due to construction features of vehicles it cannot be guaranteed that mirror position will be "perfect". On models equipped with this function from factory the mirror incorporate a position sensor, which does not happen with those without park assist mirrors, so the mirror will function in the same way, but can not be guaranteed to position "millimeter perfect".
What diagnostic functions are available ?
- Modification of the sensitivity of the rain sensor.
- Modification of the sensitivity of the light sensor.
- Enable / Disable American DLR.
- Enabling / Disabling daytime running lights.
- Enabling / Disabling cornering fog lights.
- Enabling / Disabling second rear fog light (where bulb exists).
- Enable / disable automatic closing from 15 km / h.
- Enable / disable rain closing.
- Enabling / Disabling one touch closing windows.
- Enable / Disable hazard warning in case of sharp braking.

NOTE: These functions, Polar Advanced FIS performs are via coding of the ECU with the requested function, so if this function is not supported by your vehicle ECU, then it cannot be activated.
What are the other features of the Polar FIS+ Advanced ?
- Built in VIM to enable video on stereo screen while vehicle is in motion.
- POLAR Advanced FIS supports OEM bluetooth and Fiscon bluetooth, unlike other products, POLAR Advanced FIS does not use the Bluetooth menu in the FIS, but creates a new menu called Advanced POLAR FIS.
- The name of the created menu is customisable, which can substitute the name POLAR Advanced FIS by the text you want (up to 10 characters)
- Option to turn off the POLAR Advanced FIS screen off making the unit undetectable when taking the car in for service or repair. Is reactivated by simply pressing the OK button on the steering wheel or windshield wiper lever for 10 seconds.
- Automatic temperature units (° C, ° F), Speed (kmh / mph) and Size (Litres / Gallons) selected in the FIS.
- Manual selection of the units in which you want to display the parameters relating to pressure. Automatic, mbar, bar, PSI.
- Multi-function steering wheel / Wiper stalk control.
The keys can be set from within the FIS POLAR Advanced menu do the following.

Modify volume.
Changing audio track.
Change the parameters displayed in the bottom of the screen line POLAR FIS +.
You can also configure the keys inside the AUDIO menu do the following.

Modify volume.
Change audio track (useful for cars in which the multifunction steering wheel is not installed at the factory and these keys do not work).

KEY FEATURES OF THE WHEEL IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL THE VEHICLES, since it depends on the vehicle configuration.
- Polar Advanced FIS automatically installs itself in the gateway, so you do not need diagnostic software after installation
- Updates via the Internet, via our website:
- New aluminum frame.